Gen Con: Pulp Thrills In The Vendors' Room

By George Holochwost

While wandering around the vendors room today at GenCon, I decided to check out the booths for two of my favorite companies – Exile Game Studio and Flying Frog Productions.

Set in the late 1930s in a world on the brink of war, FORTUNE AND GLORY: The Cliffhanger Game from Flying Frog offers a lush pulp experience for one to eight players. The Nazis control Germany and and are engaged in an occult campaign of spreading darkness but players take on the role of treasure hunting heroes intent on snatching sacred artifacts right out from under the nose of Der Fuhrer and company. Fortune and Glory is designed by Flying Frog mastermind Jason C. Hill and retails for 99.95 and can be found at booth 1421.

Next stop, the Exile Games booth – home of HOLLOW EARTH EXPEDITION. Creator Jeff Combos was on site to answer questions and, at this bloggers request, posed for a photo with two of the booth's resident dinosaurs. HEX's flexible system and evocative pulp setting allow players to take on the roles of explorers, femme fatales, and mad scientists on the search for a dinosaur filled world of adventure that exists beneath the surface of the Earth. Although Exile's booth has two limited run scenarios available for purchase (Miracle Stone of the Amazon and Frozen City of Terror), the big surprise will be reveled tomorrow at noon Saturday when concept art for REVELATIONS OF MARS will be unveiled. Revelations will allow players of HEX to follow in the footsteps of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter with red planet hijinks and a host of alien options. Exile Games is located at booth 605.

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