Gen Con: Ten Sides of Iron: Irondie d10s Soon To Ship

By George Holochwost

So remember when mom used to watch you roll your dice on the good dining room table while gritting her teeth in anticipation of huge scratches across its finely polished surface? Well mom better brace herself because the full metal dice from IRONDIE will trash that puppy for sure!

IRONDIE is the endeavor of artist Dan Tibbles. Though the use of CAD and some brilliant imagination, Dan has brings us fantastically sculpted dice for use with any number of your favorite games. Until now, only six-siders were available to retailers, but in two weeks, the gorgeous new d10 sculpts will be available to the greater gaming populace. However, if you happen to be at GenCon booth 1603 (yep, that's the Catalyst booth) you can get the d10s today!

Crafted from an alloy of zinc and aluminum called Zamak, these ultra-detailed sculpts hold their shape evoke a futuristic feel that you won't find elsewhere. Although d6s and d10s are the only dice available right now, Dan has d4s, d8s, d12s and d20s on the way. Irondice come in a variety of colors and bare metal as well for painting enthusiasts with an interest in further customization of their dice.

IRONDIE retail for between five and six bucks for the d6 and six to seven bucks for the d10s. Visit the IRONDIE website for more info!

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