Gen Con: Wyrd Minatures, Malifaux...and Nightmare Teddy!

By George Holochwost

Following their tradition of not-to-miss GenCon exclusives, Wyrd Minatures' Malifaux gives us a new miniature that exudes heaping helpings of nightmare making goodness. Nightmare Teddy is a great new take on Pandora's largest and most feared companion – a ten foot tall mutilated teddy bear capable of ripping through some of the Malifaux universe's toughest monstrosities. These are GenCon-only so get your shambling corpulence to booth 1831 as soon as you can!

Although the original was a great sculpt, this new Teddy has is even more grotesque – distended and distorted with victim in hand. Unlike the original Teddy, this exclusive comes with two head options, two left arms, and flailing captive that allow you to truly customize the horror you inflict on your opponents.

Malifaux is a tactical skirmish game set in a dark, gothic world rife with steam technology, brooding gunslingers and good old fashioned black magic. With starter boxes averaging about fifty bucks a piece, Malifaux is a great alternative to larger more expensive miniature gaming endeavors.

Also premiering at GenCon are the much awaited Terraclips – incredibly beautiful terrain pieces that capture the feel and look of the Malifaux setting. Made of sturdy stock through the joint efforts of Wyrd Miniatures and WorldWorks, Terraclips come in three sets including buildings, sewers and the streets of Malifaux. These sets retail for forty-nine dollars and are gridded with one inch squares making them ideal for both miniature war games and RPGs alike.

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