HBO Go Coming To Connected TVs And Game Consoles!

HBO Go has been a huge hit with millions of HBO subscribers choosing to watch original content on their iPad, iPhone, and the Web. In light of this HBO wants to expand the application’s availability to other devices -- you know, the ones that aren’t so mobile.

In an recent earnings call with shareholders HBO CEO Jeff Bewkes said that HBO’s TV Anywhere service will no longer be available only on mobile products and the web, but also internet-connectable TVs and game consoles!

Just like Netflix offers access to their Instant Streaming service on game consoles, internet-connectable TVs and set-top boxes such as Roku, HBO Go may soon be available as a preloaded or downloadable app on those same devices.

That’s sounds great, but I still have one problem. If we want access to HBO’s premium content we have to subscribe to a full-blown cable package on top of the HBO subscription. Paying $7.99 a month for Netflix Instant Streaming is no big deal, but paying for a cable subscription and the HBO scrip (another $15) is just too much. Don’t get me wrong, HBO has some the best television shows ever, but I’ll gladly wait for the day I can subscribe to HBO without a cable subscription. Thanks anyway, Bewkes.

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