SDCC 2011: Fringe's Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, and More on Season Four!

Fringe – one of the best shows currently on television – faced a number of huge hurdles last year: the war with our alternate universe got deadlier; Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) was flung into the far future, then disappeared forever; but worst of all, the show was moved to the so-called FOX “Friday Night Death Slot.” Good news, though, the one-time procedural show about all things weird in science made it out of the death slot to run another season, which will launch this fall.

While at San Diego Comic-Con, we got to chat with the stars of the show, Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham), John Noble (Walter Bishop), Lance Reddick (Broyles), Jasika Nicole (Astrid), Blair Brown (Nina), and new full-time player Seth Gabel (Lincoln Lee). Oh, and also Joshua Jackson, who was there even though he clearly was gone forever in the cliffhanger. Hmmm…

First up were Torv and Noble, who may or may not have made your faithful reporter blush nervously when they turned the interview back on him, asking “who he was wearing,” and what it’s like to be on Fringe. Luckily, that wasn’t caught on camera, but we did chat with the actors about what it’s like to play three, entirely different roles on the series. For those of you who haven’t been watching so far, Noble plays the daffy Walter Bishop, the evil Walternate, and sometimes Walter before he had a piece of his brain sliced out; while Torv plays hard-nosed Olivia Dunham, her alternate universe double who’s a little bit looser, and – seriously – the spirit of Leonard Nimoy inhabiting Olivia’s body. It’s that kind of show, folks:

SDCC 2011: Anna Torv and John Noble Discuss Their 'Fringe' Alternates

Next up was Jackson, who, of course, was coy about what’s coming up with Peter – a video shown at the top of the Fringe panel teased that he may come back as one of the all seeing, all knowing Observers who robotically manipulate events behind the scenes. He did talk about how far his character has come… And how great it was to be back at PaceyCon, the annual festival celebrating all things great about his character from Dawson’s Creek:

SDCC 2011: Joshua Jackson On The Mystery Of Peter Bishop

Then there’s Lance Reddick who is really, really tall. Like, super tall. But also much friendly and more jovial than any of the hard-nosed bosses he’s played on TV. After Broyles loosened up two seasons ago by singing, and last year by getting just a little high on LSD, we asked what he hoped would be coming up in Season Four:

SDCC 2011: Lance Reddick On 'Playing' In 'Fringe'

On the, er, fringe of Fringe are Jasika Nicole and Blair Brown, two excellent actresses who mainly get relegated to the sidelines. But they’re cool with that, and have even worked up a surprising back-story for Astrid and Nina, that they’re actually… Mother and Daughter. Beyond that, though, the two have a few ideas about how they can get more involved in the new season:

SDCC 2011: Jasika Nicole and Blair Brown Want Action

And lastly is newcomer Seth Gabel, who plays Fringe team leader Lincoln Lee… At least in Fringe’s alternate, slightly eviler universe. Gabel also played his double with glasses and a different haircut in one episode, which confused your faithful reporter. But Gabel gamely chatted about this, and what it’s like to play multiple versions of himself.

SDCC 2011: Seth Gabel On Being The New Guy On 'Fringe'

The new season of Fringe kicks off on FOX on Friday, September 23rd.

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