Check Out These Art Nouveau Marvel Character Shirts! (Update!)

We are always on the lookout for cool t-shirts. It doesn’t matter if they’re aimed at Star Wars nerds, comic book fans or anyone else -- we love geeky shirts, that's all there is to it. Hell, they don’t even have to be t-shirts -- hoodies work too! If it’s got Boba Fett, Spock or Spider-Man on it we want it. That’s why we’re so pumped about these Art Nouveau style Marvel shirts we stumbled across.

Some of the coolest Marvel Comics characters around -- Galactus, Phoenix, Mystique, Deadpool and Spider-Man -- each have their own Art Nouveau shirt at ThinkGeek right now. The Phoenix and Mystique designs can also be purchased as babydolls for the nerd ladies out there. I’m a little disappointed there aren’t more characters to round out the collection, but that’s the way it goes I guess. Hopefully we’ll see more pop up in the future.

If you’re thinking about grabbing the Deadpool shirt you’re in luck -- that one just happens to be on sale for about $14! The rest -- Spider-Man, Mystique, Galactus, and Phoenix -- are going to set you back about $22-$24 depending on what size you’re looking for.

Update: Looks like ThinkGeek isn't the best place to grab these awesome tees. Mighty Fine has a bunch of other characters including Storm, Gambit, Shadowcat, Magneto, Rogue, Namor and Iron Man! To make things even better all the shirts are available in multiple colors! Thanks Kate!

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