Bustin' is Tough on Your Clothes! Kotobukiya's Ghostbusters Bishoujo Statue

Today we’re checking out Kotobukiya’s Ghostbuster Bishoujo Statue of Lucy, which made its U.S. premiere at San Diego Comic Con! We saw the preliminary artwork for this statue at Toy Fair, and now only 5 months later, this gorgeous specimen is in our hands! Errr…did that come off as a little creepy? Oh well, here’s our review of the Ghostbuster in question who, by judging from her clothes, has just had a run-in with the ghost of a crazed sex fiend... or a Japanese panty collector. Hey, we're not making that last bit up-- they totally exist!

Lucy is packaged in a nice window box. The original artwork design for the figure is printed on the side and the back features a front and back shot of the completed statue along with the bio information.

Lucy was designed by Shunya Yamashita, the same illustrator who has come up with the other Bishoujo line characters. He’s also well known for his work on character design for video games such as the Final Fantasy series. It’s nice that Kotobukiya has managed to keep the same designer to help unify the line across its various licensed properties. Lucy looks just as good next to Rogue as she does Batgirl. She was sculpted by Masahiro Takahashi, who interpreted the design art perfectly. As usual, the paintwork is without reproach. Therefore, we have nothing to bitch about. Thanks Kotobukiya, for making a nice statue and inadvertently causing our review to be booorrriiinnnggg!

This is the statue’s description from the back of the packaging:

Standing triumphantly over a ghost trap after bagging her latest catch, Lucy lets loose a smile of satisfaction over another job well done. She rests the wand of her Proton Pack on her left shoulder while her other hand sits calmly at her exposed hip. Her uniform has definitely seen better days as her pants are torn and tattered from this recent spectral encounter. The standard issue Proton Pack has thankfully remained unscathed exhibiting incredibly sculpted details such as the power cell, crank generator, and Cyclotron.

Lucy comes packaged with her goggles, stand, and proton wand in separate parts of the tray. There are instructions in the bottom of the box on how to assemble her, but if you actually need them, then we're gonna be questioning how you're even able to read this article.

Lucy is a welcome addition to the Bishoujo line, and now we're hoping to see other licensed movie properties from Kotobukiya *cough*Back to the Future*cough*. be sure to check out Kotobukiya's official website for details on lucy and the rest of their fine statue lines.

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