MTV Comics And Stan Lee Launch 'The Seekers' Contest!

UPDATE: Thank you to all who submitted.  We understand the frustration of those who did not get their materials in before the extended deadline but we are unable to extend it again.  The submissions need to be reviewed and narrowed to the finalists by Monday, and there is not enough time between now and the selection and announcement of the winners to extend it again.  If you had an issue uploading your work or believe you had your work done in time, you may send an email to  NOTE: YOU WILL NOT GET A RESPONSE.  We will review the submissions sent to that address and if deemed that they should have made it in we will consider the entry when reviewing the submissions.  If after that point the submission is judged to be of a high enough caliber to be considered a finalist we will reach out to you.  Again, please note that you WILL NOT get a response.  The deadline was clearly outlined in the rules, but as a courtesy to our fans and Stan's who may have misunderstood or had a technical problem we are allowing this window for emails for 24 hours.   Eligibility based on the emails will be at our sole discretion.

WRITERS: Voting will launch for writers this Monday and close on Friday.

ARTISTS: Since the numbers of submissions for artists was not as high as for writers, we will be sending all art submissions directly to Stan, rather than narrow the number through voting.

UPDATE: The contest submission deadline has been extended to September 23rd.  We've had an incredible response thus far and have gotten numerous requests to keep the contest running.  Since the timing still allows for us to narrow the field and run voting prior to New York Comic Con we are going to keep submissions open for as long as possible.  For anyone who has already submitted and would like to revise your work based on the new deadline please simply upload a new pdf when you're ready, we'll only look at your most recent entry.  Best of luck to everyone!

Have you ever dreamed of writing or illustrating a comic under the tutelage of the legendary Stan Lee? Well, here's your chance True Believer! MTV Comics and POW! Entertainment are offering you the chance to write or illustrate the digital graphic novel "The Seekers!"

Over the next 3 weeks we'll be accepting submissions from artists and writers for an opportunity to earn approximately $10,000.00 to do just that. You read that right, that's 10-Gs.

In order to enter you'll need to read the complete set of official rules, but here are the highlights of the contest:

? Submissions will be close on September 23, 2011

? ARTISTS will submit five (5) black and white pages of sequential comic art based on a scene from "The Seekers"

? WRITERS will write ten (10) pages of comic script and a two (2) page treatment for the series based on Stan's treatment

? Submissions will be narrowed down by the MTV Comics editorial staff to the top 20 semi-finalists in each category; that's 20 writers, and 20 artists

? Semi-finalists will be voted on by the public beginning on September 26, 2011

? The top 5 vote-getters in each category will be forwarded on to Stan Lee, who will hand select the winners

? Winners will be presented the opportunity to write or illustrate MTV Comics’ The Seekers (and earn approximately 10k)

Stan Lee Discusses 'The Seekers'

If you have questions, please post them in the comments section here.  We will continually update this post.


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