SDCC 2011: The ThunderCats Cast Geek Out About The Show's Premiere!

ThunderCats fans, this is your day -- the premiere episode of the highly-anticipated new show is airing today, July 29, at 8 p.m. (ET, PT) on the Cartoon Network! To celebrate, MTV Geek's sharing some video interviews we took with the ThunderCats cast and crew recently at San Diego Comic-Con!

First up is classic Lion-O voice actor Larry Kenney, who plays patriarch Claudius on the new show: "The fan excitement is growing, and everybody is ready for the new ThunderCats!"

                                   SDCC 2011: Larry Kenney Discusses the New ThunderCats

Emmanuelle Chriqui chats up her role as Cheetara in the new ThunderCats: "She's a really really strong woman with a really good heart!"

                                         SDCC 2011: Emmanuelle Chriqui Chats Cheetara

Producer Michael Jelenic tells us what old-school fans of ThunderCats can expect from the new series, "I think if you're coming to this new version of ThunderCats you're going to find that we're really trying to take that old mythology and modernize it for today's audience."

                                    SDCC 2011: Michael Jelenic Talks 'ThunderCats'

Ethan Spaulding, another co-producer on ThunderCats, talks about the world of the new show: "We can start at level one -- the medieval times of the cats -- and journey on to the tech, as Mumm-Ra's pyramid is opened and technology is introduced..."

                            SDCC 2011: Ethan Spaulding On The 'ThunderCats' World

And series art director Dan Norton commented on the style of the new ThunderCats: "One thing I really wanted to get across is that these are animal humanoids, and the way that they run, the way that they walk, the way that they's more animalistic."

                                              Dan Norton On 'ThunderCats' Characters

And don't forget to watch thhis special promotional clip as well:

ThunderCats hooooooooooo

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