Sterling Gates Joins Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek on 'Captain Victory'

Spinning out of the pages of Dynamite's Kirby: Genesis, this new Captain Victory series -- based on characters created by comics legend Jack Kirby -- features the writing talents of Sterling Gates (Supergirl, War Of The Supermen):

"Captain Victory and His Galactic Rangers was one of the first books Jack Kirby wrote and drew outside of DC Comics and Marvel -- making it one of the first creator-owned books in comic history -- and I'm exceptionally proud to be continuing Victory's story," says writer Sterling Gates. "Fans of Kirby's original Pacific Comics series will recognize these classic Kirby characters and concepts, but we're going to be doing our best to present the Rangers in a bold and exciting way for today's audience. What's the M.O. of the Rangers? Who joins them and why? And just how dangerous is Captain Victory's secret? We're going to be digging into a LOT of that as the book goes along, producing a space opera that will be epic in scope, as well as acting as a huge lynchpin for parts of the Kirby Genesis universe. Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross have showcased Captain Victory over in Kirby Genesis -- and done some of the heavier lifting -- but I'm really going to flesh out Victory's world and his character and make sure he's someone you want to read about every month. I think he's fascinating, and very different from a lot of the heroes you see on stands month to month."

Kirby Genesis: Captain Victory #1, hitting comic stands in October, will also feature covers by Alex Ross, Michael (Powers) Avon Oeming, Wagner Reis and Sean Chen:

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