Iron Man T-Shirt Puts An Arc Reactor On Your Chest!

I think we can all agree that Robert Downey Jr. looked like a bad-ass walking around with that mini Arc Reactor under his shirt. Now we can all look that cool thanks to ThinkGeek and the Light up LED Iron Man Shirt!

Unfortunately, the shirt won’t prevent shrapnel from reaching your heart and it won’t power that suit you’ve been working on day and night, but it will light up! They were available for about $30, but at the time of writing this post it looks like every shirt in every size is sold out (insert sad face here). Luckily ThinkGeek says they’ll be back in stock in a few weeks. YAY!!

The shirt is machine washable, but you’ll need to take out all of the electronics before you set it to spin. To get the LEDs shining you’ll need 3 AAA batteries that, of course, are not included -- don’t you hate that? Keep checking back on this post; I will update it when the shirts are available again!

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