Wall-E Toy Turned Into An Actual Wall-E Robot! (video)

How awesome would it be if we could all have are very own Wall-E? No, not just a plastic toy that sits on a shelf and stares blankly into nothingness, but an actual robot Wall-E that we can interact with as if it were the real thing. Well, DJ Sures built one and it looks like it would a lot of fun!

Using an EZ-B Bluetooth Robot Controller and the included software DJ Sures was able to take a plastic Wall-E toy and bring it to life! His Wall-E robot can move around and wave his arms via voice command and a camera replaces one eye so Wall-E can respond to voice commands and track objects -- he‘ll even let you know when he‘s sad! Head past the break and check out the video to this real-life Wall-E in action!

WARNING - You will want one when it’s over... Enjoy!

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