The Return of 'The Crow' At IDW!

IDW announces reprints of the original series as well as new comic based on the upcoming movie!

A hugely emotionally harrowing interview is the one Miramax conducted with The Crow creator James O'Barr for the DVD release of the Brandon Lee-starring 1994 film. Whatever your thoughts on the character or the mostly pretty good movie it spawned (it's sincere to a maudlin fault, I think), you'll find in that interview that all of the hurt and pain of the subsequent works come from a real place for O'Barr.

O'Barr's been mostly quiet in the last decade (although his Wikipedia page says he has a motion comic called Sundown which was supposed to be released earlier this year), so in the meantime, fans of his work will have to satisfy themselves with a collector's edition of the original Crow comics as well as new comics set in the same universe as well as the upcoming Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later)-directed film.

No details on the release date of the collection or new works--just sometime in 2012--or what O'Barr's involvement would be, but here's a weird note: this collection was announced the same week that Titan Book released a complete collection of The Crow (which promptly sold out on Amazon). Anyone out there pick that collection up? What was the quality like?

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