SDCC 2011: Four Questions With Adam Freakin' West!

Bruce Wayne. Mayor West. I got to talk to him for nearly three minutes.

I say this without any snark: talking to TV legend Adam West on the San Diego Comic-Con floor was one of the highlights of the Con for me. There to sign in conjunction with the announcement of Family Guy Online , Mr. West's time was incredibly limited as the huge press of early morning crowds started mobbing the Fox booth to get a moment with the actor. That didn't mean that he wasn't entirely gracious and quick with his answers about his work on the forthcoming game, his own comic from Bluewater Productions, The Mis-Adventures of Adam West, and explaining the ease with which he's willing to play around with his own public persona.

MTV Geek: So, Family Guy Online: what do they have you doing in the booth?

Adam West: Well, Family Guy Online is an interesting concept to me because as the Mayor of Quahog, I'll be "hosting" the game, but it's a game in which the viewer can create their own character and be part of Family Guy. So anyone who wants to do it can create a character that's loveable, warm, funny, or absurd--whatever they want to do--and jump into the game. And I'll kind of direct them around a little bit.

Geek: You've always seemed comfortable tweaking your own image--where does that come from?

AW: I'm not sure. I think maybe it's an awareness that life is short. Look at all of the absurdities of life. I think too many people--and who am I to say--take themselves too seriously. Look, I take the work seriously, but I don't take myself that seriously. I don't mind having fun or making fun of myself, or being self-deprecatory. It's easy and it's fun, and people seem to enjoy that if, you know, you're honest and humorous about it.

Geek: Along the same lines, you have The Mis-Adventures of Adam West out this month.

AW: Well thank you for mentioning that, Charles! Things have kind of come full circle, haven't they? I played a character from a comic book--Batman--and now I have my own comic book, The Mis-Adventures of Adam West. Which is brilliantly done, by the way. These guys did a helluva job with that. So I hope that people will pick it up.

Geek: Now the premise of the book is that you receive an amulet from a mysterious fan. What's your favorite real-life fan story?

AW: I think that it's [been] such a gathering of fans over the years, that if I were to conjure up a favorite story--well, I don't know. It might be--people have come up to me and pretended like they were in the show. Maybe three people. And they're all dressed a little strangely, and they'll come up and play an entire scene from Batman right in front of me. And I'll have to say, "Uh, okay. Get a life," or "That's enough--that's wonderful, that's brilliant, you're going to Hollywood, meet my agent." All I'm saying is, Charles, those moments are really terrific. Because people are wonderful, and I'm very grateful to them.

I've had 50 years of this nonsense!

Geek: And we're very grateful for the 50 years you've put in, sir!

Family Guy Online will be entering open beta this Fall. The Mis-Adventures of Adam West is on shelves now.

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