Boeing & BAE Are Building The Navy A New Machine Gun/Laser Combo!

WE GOT DEATHSTAR! What would happen if we took a giant machine gun and strapped a laser to it? Well we’d have a laser/machine gun combo that could sink your boat and melt your face at the same time. Pretty cool, right? The Navy seems to think so and Boeing and BAE Systems have joined forces to build them one!

That’s right, they’re taking a traditional M242 auto cannon -- which fires 175 rounds per minute -- and slapping it together with a frikin’ laser beam to create what they’re calling the Mk 38 Mod 2 Tactical Laser System. It combines a 25-mm machine gun with a high-energy laser module and will rule the sea.

Apparently, the Navy is all excited about it because it will be compatible with current naval systems -- no modifications necessary. They say it will be able to take down small boats and unmanned aerial craft with ease, and I have to imagine it would -- it is a laser after all.

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