SDCC 2011: The Inside Scoop on 'Ultimate Spider-Man' Animated From Jeph Loeb

Will we get an animated version of Humberto Ramos' Spider-Man? Who'll be voicing the animated Nick Fury?

Following the big announcements about Marvel's upcoming television slate, we got more info on the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man from Marvel's Head of TV, Jeph Loeb. Loeb, who's been shepherding not only USM, but a variety of live-action and animated Marvel properties onto the small screen, describes Ultimate Spider-Man as the publisher's "big crown jewel" among their television forays.

During San Diego Comic Con 2011, the Marvel TV honcho made detailed announcements about the voice cast of the upcoming Disney XD series. Featuring Drake Bell (Josh and Drake) as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Chi McBride (Boston Legal, The Frighteners) as Nick Fury, J.K Simmons (the Raimi Spider-Man movies) as J. Jonah Jameson, and Clark Gregg reprising his role as SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson, who'll also be pulling double-duty as Peter's high school principal.

Besides the always terrific Simmons, McBride is the choice I'm most interested in, given how different his typical delivery is from the Sam Jackson incarnation of the character (at least based on the footage on display at the Con). The only real casting choice that gives me trepidation is Steven Weber (Falling Skies, Wings) as Norman Osborne, primarily because of the oddball decision to have the character do this faux-British accent that seems out of character with any incarnation of once and future Goblin.

Loeb says that one of the things that he and the rest of the Marvel publishing braintrust have spoken about the most is how they can accurately bring the Marvel U to the big and small screen, citing what he feels have been spot-on depictions in the Marvel Studios movie efforts. For their animated titles, Loeb says this involved bringing aboard artists who previously worked on Spider-Man titles in the past like Humberto Ramos, Mark Bagley, Ed McGuiness to get the right look for the screen. During the presentation last week, I recall comments to the effect that the show might go through some visual changes depending on the storyline.

The series remains in production right now, but I, for one, look forward to the final result next year.

Ultimate Spider-Man will make its premiere on Disney XD sometime in 2012.


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