New Sony Cyber-shot Shoots 3D With One Lens!

Sony recently revealed a new, ultra-thin Cyber-shot digital camera. The DSC-TX55 brings a sleek design and awesome new features to the table -- including the ability to snap photos and shoot 1080i HD video simultaneously! Oh yea, it can also take 3D photos with a single lens!

The 16.2 megapixel DSC-TX55 features a 5x zoom and Sony claims their “By Pixel Super Resolution” technology can take that to a virtual 10x zoom without affecting the camera’s maximum resolution. There is also a new “Picture Effect” mode that will add effects to your photos on the fly, letting us get a little more creative without using editing software.

“Our new DSC-TX55 model redefines what a compact camera can do,” said Yosuke Tomoda, director of Sony Electronics’ Cyber-shot business. “In addition to the newly developed, ultra-thin chassis design, the camera features an incredible combination of features and performance, putting more creativity at users’ fingertips than ever before.”

3D photos won’t be a problem for the new Cyber-shot either. In fact, the new camera will take 3D stills, similar to the ones we post all over our Tumblr site (those are shot using a Fuji Film 3D), with just a single lens by snapping two pictures at once, with the first one grabbing depth information. Also, 3D and 2D panorama’s can be taken using the new “Intelligent Sweep Panorama”!

The best part? Sony says the new Cyber-Shot DSC-TX55 will take DSLR-like photos and they’re pricing it pretty reasonably. The camera will shelves this September for just $350 -- nice!

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