X-Men: Schism #2 - Post-Game, with Jason Aaron and Nick Lowe

We’re only two issues into Marvel’s X-Men event Schism, and it already looks like they weren’t kidding: after this, the X-Men will never be the same again. For real this time! To find out more about the second issue, which hit stands yesterday, we talked with writer Jason Aaron and Editor Nick Lowe about where we are in the (multiple?) schisms, what’s up with the new Hellfire Club, and why the new Mutant History Museum won’t be around for very long:

MTV Geek: Let’s talk about the developing (or disintegrating) relationship between Wolverine and Cyclops in issue #2… it seems like we’re steadily moving to the split here. Can you talk about where you feel each character is in issue two, mentally? There seems to be a pretty telling statement from Quentin Quire in particular, when he says, “Bye now, see ya around, Professor!” to Wolverine…

Nick Lowe: Cyclops is very centered and confident about what he’s doing. The man doesn’t hold a lot of doubts. It’s Wolverine who is having to take a hard look around.

Jason Aaron: The bulk of Quentin's interaction with Logan came back at the old Xavier school. That's why he calls him Professor. They have a bit of a history, as Quentin actually kinda kicked Logan's ass back then, during his attempt at a school-wide riot. And yes, we are steadily moving toward the schism here. All the pieces are now on the table, except for one, which comes at the end of issue #3. Scott's position on the world around him or the X-Men's reaction to it obviously hasn't changed. But I think we see that he and Logan don't exactly see eye to eye on everything. And those cracks in their relationship are only going to grow wider as we move forward.

Geek: Other focus of the issue is the new (kick-ass) Hellfire Club… What’s going to happen when the OLD Hellfire Club finds out about the NEW Hellfire Club? And are we going to get a little more back-story on these kids?

NL: If you want more info on these kids, you’re going to love Schism #3. As for how the old Hellfire folk react, we are absolutely going to delve into that in the future.

JA: Yes, we get a bit more insight into these new kids in issue #3, as well as seeing what all they're truly capable of. And yes, that's something the old guard of the Hellfire Club may want to be aware of as well.

Geek: Let's talk about the alien bounty-hunters in the issue... They make a pretty imposing presence, what was the inspiration behind their design?

JA: That was all Frank Cho. The guy's not so bad at drawing, it turns out.

Geek: There seems to be another mini-Schism brewing, between Emma and Cyclops, which you teased a bit at San Diego. Care to talk about where that relationship is right now, and where it (may) be heading?

NL: Nothing with Emma and Scott gets center stage in the SCHISM series itself. One of my favorite things that Jason did with this book is keep an unfailing focus on Scott and Logan. It’s really when the cards are played that Emma and Scott’s relationship can take center stage. Readers shouldn’t miss X-MEN: REGENESIS #1 for this very reason.

Geek: Just to wrap up, you’ve got the opening of the San Francisco Museum of Mutant History in this issue… Fair to say we’ll see some things next issue fans might recognize? Any easter eggs we should keep our eyes out for?

NL: As far as getting deeper into the museum, a great place to look is GENERATION HOPE #10 where we see some exhibits and such. I don’t think I’m spoiling anything to say that in Schism #3 things go kablooey before we can read too many of the placards.

JA: It wouldn't be much of a Mutant History Museum without someone trying to burn it to the ground, now would it?

X-Men: Schism #2 is at comic book shops now. Issue three hits stands on August 17th… We’ll see you back here then!

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