Flower Grenades Spread Seeds, Not Shrapnel!

We all know that rundown back lot and unkempt urban park could benefit from some beautification. Sadly, some municipalities don’t have the budget (or drive) to keep their parks in proper order these days. That’s where Flower Grenades come in. Just toss one of these eco-bombs in a dingy corner of your yard or local park and watch it breathe new life into an otherwise unsavory landscape.

The Flower Grenade’s military style exterior is 100% biodegradable and made of clay so rain can wash it away after it ‘explodes.’ Inside you’ll find soil and your choice of Poppy, Ryegrass or Buttercup seeds. You can grab a three pack of these eco-terrorist flower bombs at Suck UK and they’ll set you back about £12.00 (just under $20 USD).

Keep in mind you’ll be growing plants with these and not magically making them appear. If you choose Buttercup or Poppy seeds you’ll have to wait at least 3 weeks for them to show up. Ryegrass on the other hand should spring to the surface after a week.


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