Update: Steve Jackson Games Announces 'The Guild' Munchkin Booster

Towards the end of San Diego Comic-Con 2011, the Steve Jackson Games crew had one extra surprise up their sleeve: a new 15-card booster pack based on Felicia Day's hit web series The Guild. The pack will launch in Spring 2012 and will feature all new artwork by Len Peralta making his Munchkin card debut. Peralta is no stranger to cards, though. He achieved internet fame last year with his "Geek a Week" trading card set. Seeing as how he already has proven experience transforming geek icons into caricature form, the artwork for this upcomingThe Guild set will be well worth looking forward to.

Over the weekend, we talked about the success of licensed expansions for Munchkin, the popular and humorous card game now celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The new content has come in forms ranging from simple promo cards to full sets, and has touched on hot properties such as Conan the Barbarian, Axe Cop, and Terry Pratchett's Discworld. This new The Guild booster pack will join the ever-growing ranks of such products.