The Short Stack: New Manga For July 27

It's a fairly thin week for manga, with no new releases from Viz and only one each from Yen Press and Kodansha. Digital Manga has a few interesting fantasy and yaoi manga, though. And this might be the week to sample a few new series, since Viz, Yen Press, and Square Enix are all offering special deals on first volumes via their digital services.

So my pick of the week is the second volume of Daniel X, Yen's manga-style adaptation of James Patterson's novels about a young alien hunter. It looks like good escape reading for the beach or the pool. If you missed the first volume, it's available on Yen's iPad app for $8.99, or from Amazon for as little as three bucks for a used copy. (Or check your library—YA librarians love Patterson.)

Digital has some interesting titles coming out. They are releasing vol. 2 of Angelic Runes, a fantasy tale by Makoto Tateno, two years after the first volume; it would be nice to pick up that first volume on their website, but all they have is a preview. Also new this week: Vol. 4 of Yashakiden: The Demon Princess, by Vampire Hunter D creator Hideyuki Kikuchi. And then there's this week's batch of yaoi: Entangled Circumstances, I Give To You, A Liar In Love, This Night's Everything, and Tonight's Take-Out Night, which sounds kind of cozy but is actually more of a sexual-harassment rom-com.


Kodansha has just one release this week, but it's a treat for Ken Akamatsu fans: vol. 30 of Negima! Bandai Entertainment is releasing vol. 6 of Gurren Lagann, which ties in with the anime of the same name.

For hard-core fans who like to buy their Japanese publications in Japanese, Tohan has a number of items hitting the direct market tomorrow, including the Gothic & Lolita Bible #38 (a bit of a stretch at $33) and the April and May editions of the bishojo magazine Megami and the anime and manga magazine Newtype.

As always, this week's new releases were gleaned from ComicList; check there for more links and titles. These are releases to comics shops, so bookstore dates may vary.

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