Pennwick F5 Custom Golf Cart Looks Like A Ferrari!

Everybody wants a Ferrari, but those damn Italian sports cars are just so much money -- what are we supposed to do? Well, we could head over to Pennwick. They make custom golf carts and recently came out with one, dubbed the F5, that looks just like the Ferrari we’ve always wanted.

The base model F5 features an eco-friendly electric drivetrain that will take you about 40 miles and recharge in 6 hours from dead to full. If you want a little more power you can get gasoline engine that puts out about 4hp. It will still be a little slower than your average Ferrari, but you can upgrade to a 6hp engine if you want to hit 25mph.

Even though it’s a golf cart and will definitely save you a few bucks on your mission to own a Ferrari, the $20,500 price tag for the base model is still pretty hefty. To make things worse you’ll have to fork over an extra $500 for the golf bag holder and another $900 if you want that gasoline engine. Head over to for all the details on the F5 and check out some of their other custom golf carts -- the ‘56 looks pretty sweet.

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