Updated LEGO Space Shuttle Consists Of 1,230 Pieces!

It’s heartbreaking to think the Space Shuttle program has officially ended, but it has. Thankfully LEGO is here to cheer us up with an updated LEGO Space Shuttle set complete with launchpad, ground crew and satellite!

The set was originally introduced in 2010 and aimed at the older (16+) LEGO crowd, but they have now released an updated 1,230 brick version after realizing younger builders liked the set too. The booster rockets have been reinforced as well as the landing gear to better accommodate playtime. The payload doors have also been beefed up and “can now be more rigorously opened and closed.” Lastly the astronaut minifigures now come with hair pieces and helmets, and their facial features have been updated.

The set is pretty awesome to say the least, and it’s available right now at LEGO’s retail outlets and online via the LEGO Shop. Its not a cheap set, coming in at $100, but it’s totally worth adding to any LEGO collection considering the circumstances. It's a piece of history at this point and a great reminder of the era.

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