SDCC 2011: Supernatural's Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Go To Space in Season 7

A packed press room deep within the recesses of San Diego Comic-Con 2011 welcomed the cast and crew of The CW’s Supernatural Sunday, including stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Mark Sheppard (who would not confirm he’d be back for Season 7, but come on, I mean, you guys, he was right there… You guys).

Anyway, the big news is, if producer/writer Ben Edlund has his way, he’s sending the Winchester Boys to space. “I always start big and crazy,” said Edlund. “The one I’m convinced we should do is get them on a spaceship. I got Jason on a spaceship, how can I get the Boys on a spaceship?”

Continuing to joke around, Edlund talked about the follow-up to the end of Season 6, which found angel Castiel turning into a new god, saying, “Cas starts season seven as God. That situation has to stabilize itself. My first pitch as to what happens at the beginning of season seven, we’re in a world where Castiel IS god, and there’s a seven hundred foot statue of a man in a trenchcoat in every city.”

Executive Producer Sera Gamble had a similar take on the situation. “This is the most fun we’ve had in the writer’s room,” said Gamble. “Throwing out, if you were god, what would you do? There’s a reason God is god, we’ll discover over this storyline [Laughs].”

Talking about the end of the series, Gamble noted there was a plan in place. “As usual, it will slightly depend on season eight, which is a possibility we hope for,” said Gamble. “In the morning we’re always like, the glass is half empty, this is it. But Eric [Kripke] and I have talked about how to end the series in season one and two.”

Going back to the upcoming Season Seven, Gamble talked about the other major storyline… At the end of last season, Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) had the mental wall that was cordoning off his memories of his time in Hell fall down, which – we were told – would destroy him mentally. Turns out, that’s not totally the case. “That’s a pretty major deal, actually, said Gamble. “We get to see him go to that well, and use it as an adrenaline thing, that Mom lifting the car type thing.”

That’s not the only thing we’ll see in Season Seven, according to Gamble. “Crowley will return, Jo will return…” said Gamble. “We have other people. Colin Ford will return as young Sam. Jensen will direct that episode. We tried to design an episode that was more Sam centered, so Jensen would have time to direct.”

As for actor Mark Sheppard – the genre fave who plays demon Crowley – as noted above, he was initially cagey on his return, until Gamble “spoiled” it. “I return in Season Seven?” joked Sheppard with mock surprise. Continuing, Sheppard said, “The character is fabulous, it’s a fantastic thing to play. The relationship for Crowley to play with the boys is brilliant.” And asked whether he could take down the new Castiel-god, Sheppard joked, “I have a feeling that Crowley could kick Castiel’s ass.”

Last – and certainly not least – was actor Jared Padalecki, who will be spending most of the season recovering from his Hell-break thingy. Naturally, like the rest, Padalecki was light on details, but he did offer up this tidbit: “We pick up right where we left off, said Padalecki. “Not only the audience, but the rest of us would be really upset if we cut three months ahead.”

Talking about the different “characters” he’s had to play, Padalecki clearly enjoys bad-boy Sam Winchester way more. “My favorite Sam is soulless Sam,” said Padalecki. “It’s fun to be cold, and calculating, and ruthless a bit. Demon Blood Sam, too. I always have fun playing the bad guy version of Sam.”

Continuing, Padalecki said, “Soulless Sam… I wouldn’t say it was easy, but I could think, no emotion, no reason. No attachment, this is better. This year, I’m yet to see how it’s going to manifest itself. I don’t yet know how it’s going to turn out. He is tortured, but refusing to let himself be tortured. We basically realize Sam has seen the worst things he could see, and it’s up to him to deal with it. I’m almost taking it as a recovering addict.”

We asked him then how – as an actor – you deal with trying to play “I’ve been tortured in Hell for thousand of years,” which seemed to momentarily stump him. “That’s a really good question,” said Padalecki. “Simply put, I have no idea, I’m still figuring it out. It’s difficult to understand war, when someone tells you six million people died… It’s too much. But when someone says, there’s a person in that war who had all their fingernails torn out, you can deal with it. It’s the minutiae.”

And Padalecki seems particularly excited going into Season Seven. “I got chills reading the script, which never happens,” said the actor. “There were parts where I was reading the script, and I was almost watching the show.”

As for Edlund? It’s all about the tone. “My opinion is you turn up the scary…” said Edlund. “It’s going to evolve somewhere almost into a B-Movie. Not camp, but it’s got to be a little funnier. I mean, how many times have they died?”

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