SDCC 2011: MTV Geek Talks To The Napoleon Dynamite Cast! (Video)

MTV Geek had the chance to chat with the cast of the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite cartoon at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 -- which happens to also be the cast of the original hit movie!

Jon Heder reflected on the lasting legacy of Napoleon Dynamite:

"Obviously, it's the main thing I'm recognized for...people are like, "Hey Napoleon!" But that's cool, 'cause people recognize you and it's stood the test of time!"

Efren Ramirez commented on what it's like to return to the character he's famous for, Pedro:

"Coming back as Pedro, I gotta admit, it's a bit of a challenge. Because after Napoleon Dynamite, I got approached by so many people playing Pedro...and so one of the things I don't want to do is act like I'm playing Pedro. I have to remember: I was Pedro -- how do I create this character again?"

Ramirez is also a master of impersonations, and provided us with several...including one of Napoleon himself!

Check out these videos below of Heder, Ramirez, Jon Gries (Uncle Rico), and Tina Majorino (Deb) discussing Napoleon Dynamite the movie and animated series:

                                   SDCC 2011: Jon Heder Talks Napoleon Dynamite Return

                                    SDCC 2011: Efren Ramirez, Master of Impersonations

                                              SDCC 2011: Jon Gries on New Napoleon

                                   SDCC 2011: Tina Marjorino Speaks Out on Napoleon Cartoon


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