SDCC 2011: Top Cow's Top Panel

Who wants to see a Darkness movie?

Whew, sorry, I show up a little late to this one guys but I hit it at their big announcement. What? Oh. It turns out that on Thursday at San Diego Comic Con 2011, they announced that Mandeville Films (The Fighter) was developing a Darkness film. No details about casting, projected release or anything but the project is in active development.

Moving on to the comic, they revealed that Jeremy Haun would be the new artist on the series, with as as-of-yet unannounced writer joining him after issue 100, replacing Phil Hester who's been scripting the book for the last 35 issues. The series will also get its own dedicated Comixology app for digital releases.

Josh Fialkov joined the stage to talk about his Pilot Season book, The Test. He teased the premise of the series about amnesiacs who find themselves in a strange, artificial neighborhood and are told by an omnipresent voice that they will be tasked with saving the world.

Next Haun too the stage to talk about his title, The Beauty, about a titular STD which makes the infected progressively more attractive. It's a sci-fi procedural about detectives investigating unexpected developments with the disease.

Shannon Eric Denton and Brad Keane have Fleshdigger, which is about a guy who gets up the nerve to talk to the girl of his dreams, only to get killed for his trouble.

Next up is Misdirection by Philip Sadler, about a fallen NASCAR star fresh out of prison who gets a job as a driver, only to learn that he's been unexpectedly tasked to be a getaway driver.

Following that is The Theory of Everything, which melds together ideas of string theory, time travel, and unified scientific concepts with a story by screenwriter Dan Casey. He describes it as "an inter dimensional crime heist story," with people from alternate dimensions raiding ours to commit crimes. The main character is a down-on-his-luck scientist who begins developing technology to protect us.

Finally in the Pilot Season lineup, Filip Sabalik announced Seraph, which is another in the line's religious-supernatural titles written by an NFL star (missed his name, Lance something). It's about a young man who receives a guardian angel and a set of powers in order to handle heaven's dirty work, becoming heaven's greatest warrior. Phil Hester will be co-writing the title with him. Hawkins says they're constantly pitched title celebrities, but more often than not they're garbage--but Lance's pitch blew them away.

At the show, they're releasing the limited-edition hardcover of Echoes with only 300 copies available of the Eisner-nominated title. The regular edition of the collection will be available in August.

The next Minotaur imprint book will be out later this year will be Cutter, developed by BSG writer Kevin Fahey.

Then they brought up some of the guys from Heroes and Villains Entertainment, the group behind Tracker. They announced that the werewolf comic would be getting a film adaptation. Netherwold is still ongoing. Son of Merlin will be coming out this Fall as well as the supernaturl deathmatch comic, Epoch, for which they showed a trailer.

Moving on to Artifacts, Jeremy Haun will be taking on art for the third arc with issue nine. Haun says he needed to up his game after following Stephen Broussard and Whilce Portracio, with writer Ron Marz challenging him to create cities no one had ever seen. The series is now an ongoing after Dale Keown's arc without renumbering the book.

Tim Seeley took the stage to talk about taking over Witchblade, his arc following events in Artifacts which will pull Sara out of the regular interaction with the rest of the Top Cow U.

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