SDCC 2011: 'NTSF: SD: SUV' Is Ready to Save San Diego

The planned Adult Swim pilot panel was canceled to bring you this look at the new 24 spoof. Created by comedian Paul Scheer, the show features a crack antiterrorist unit working out of San Diego, with Scheer as a crazed special agent willing to do anything to save protect the San Diego Bay Area.

Before the panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 started, we saw an episode from later in the season called "Home Alone'" guest starring Party Down and Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott as wheelchair-bound super agent Van Van Damme.

So some thoughts on the episode, since this was my first exposure to the new show: in brief, it was uneven, but hit more than miss. If you want something a little more well reasoned than that, the truth is that the show's premise already sets it up for an uphill battle with viewers, given that the action dramas upon which it' is spoofing are themselves already verge on self-parody. Think about 24 and its ilk, with an alphabet soup of acronym-based organizations, thudding, occasionally oppressive soundtracks, uber-violence, and characters who can't! Stop! Screaming!

So what Scheer and the rest of the creative team decided to do was simply push the concept as far as they possibly can, while lowering the I.Q. of everyone onscreen. Typically (at least in this episode) that means a lot of cross cutting to scenes involving characters trying to kill one another in atypical ways. Since it's in part an action series, that means lots of gunplay, parkour, and wheelchair chases over the 11-minute runtime, with some of the physical humor really working better than it should.

To the show's detriment, the characters are mostly types, and at least with what I saw at the panel, there wasn't much room for character, just pushing forward the action predicated on ludicrous plots.

As for the rest of the panel: It was cut short given that the length of the earlier Venture Brothers panel. But as a treat to the fans (and because they needed the footage) they filmed the audience for part of an upcoming episode.

The panelists were joined by Star Trek: Voyager star Robert Picardo who reprised his role of Johnny Cab from Total Recall for the audience. He also joked about starting buzz to get him into Jurassic Park 4. Picard isn't the only Star Trek alum on the show, as he joins series regular Kate Mulgrew who plays the eyepatch-wearing leader of NTSF.

NTSF: SD: SUV airs Thursday nights in Adult Swim.

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