SDCC 2011: 'Children's Hospital,' Healing with Laughter

The show's stars and creative team hit the stage at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 to talk about the popular -- and kind of dirty -- medical spoof that's much funnier than Grey's Anatomy.

The panel was attended by star/creator Rob Corddry, Malin Ackerman, Lake Bell, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Megan Mullally, and Ken Marino. They were also joined by NTSF and Party Down actor Martin Starr for reasons I won't spoil here.

Here's some highlights from the panel:

* Corddry used the panel as an opportunity to announce Ackerman's role in the previously-released Watchmen movie. The crowd was not impressed.

* One fan said that seeing Corrdry's grease painted face all over L.A. cured him of his fear of clowns. "Coulrophobia," by the way. I looked it up.

* I totally didn't know that Michael Cera was the voice of the PA announcer on the show. Corddry says they might reveal him on camera at some point in the future.

* Best question intro: "This is a question for the clown guy from Hot Tub Time Machine..."

* There's a possibility that they'll take their musical episode as a live show on tour. This led to Hayes doing a little dance for the crowd, warning in advance that she wouldn't be responsible for the audience's boners.

* Corddry says that in casting the show, he didn't simply cast the funniest people, but the ones he wanted to spend the most time with.

* Most episodes are shot over two days and hew pretty closely to the script. While they allow the actors room to improvise, they try to stick to the script.

* They hope to do a follow-up to the 70's episode from last season.

* Fact: Mullally received no training to use her walker and crutches. It's all Mullally.

* Rob Huebel's Chinese dad, Stephen Root joined the panel after standing in line to ask when he'd get paid for the most recent episode he performed in.

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* Readers of a certain age will be bummed and thrilled in equal measure to know that they missed Ken Marino yelling "I'm gonna dip my balls in it!"

* They invited a terribly nervous fan onstage with the cast to get a brief back rub and water served by Marino and Mullally. Her name was Julia.

* Finally, Marino says the Party Down film has been green lit and should start rolling next Spring, but he's not willing to put down money on it.

This might have been one of the most ridiculous panels of the Con. Seriously. The cast has great chemistrty off-camera, and are ready to riff off of each other like the best comedians can.

Children's Hospital airs Thursday and Sunday nights on Adult Swim.

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