SDCC 2011: The Mattypalooza Panel Talks Masters Of The Universe, Voltron, DC Universe, And More!

At this year's San Diego Comic Con 2011, Mattel once again held their annual Mattypalooza event in order to showcase their upcoming collector action figures. All of the fan-loved lines were present: DC Universe Classics, Voltron, Ghostbusters, and of course Masters of the Universe Classics! We were here, just as psyched as everyone else as the revelations were unleashed. We'll be doing posts for each line, but for now here is the big news as it was announced by the various directors of the lines:

DC Universe Classics

Club Infinite Earths will be a new subscription service for this year in the same vein as the Club Eternia sub.

Some figures were announced: Red Lantern Atrocitus, Jay Garrick Flash (to booming applause), and Starman.

Fans will get to vote on upcoming figures from Black Lantern Swamp Thing, The Shaggy Man, and more.


The Club Lion Force subscription will begin this year and will include the various lions and poilots in order to eventually complete a massive Voltron.

The 3 3/4" pilots will come with the lion keys, a piece of the blazing sword, and an alternate helmeted head.

Voltron Club Exclusive figure will be Sven. His first figure to date.


Club Ecto-1 continues this year with a number of new figures.

Egon in lab coat, Slime Blower Ray, & Vigo Scourge of Carpathia w/ lenticular poster (announced to cheers and applauding)

2-pack Peter and Winston were shown with tons of accessories including the slime-infused toaster.

Ghost Trap prop replica has two different modes with lights and sounds.

Retro Action GB continues with Janine and Sam Hain w/ Slimer and the huge Firehouse display.

For 2012: Ready to Believe you Peter, Dana Barrett as Zuul who comes with two sets of legs so she can be posed laying on a concrete slab or standing.

Club Ecto-1 exclusive figure for 2012 will be the Rookie from the GB video game series.

Masters Of The Universe Classics

2011 September figures are the previously announced Leach and Hurricane Hordak.

October's sub figure is Icarius w/ two heads and movable visor along with the Windraider vehicle (all sculpted details).

November's sub figure is the Eternian fireman Snout Spout along with a sticker sheet for subscribers only. Also, November sees the release of Battleground Evil Lyn w/ two heads, and powered staff. Swift Wind and Bubble Power She-Ra (with new articulation so she can sit on her horse) also hit in the wallet-sapping month of November. She-Ra's two piece dress allows for much better hip and leg movement.

December's subscription figure is Demo-Man with 3 heads including a new, creepier version of Skeletor.

New For 2012:

January is Sorceress and Star Sisters 3 Pack.

February is Fisto w/ two heads and a giant sword.

March sees Kobra Khan with 2 heads, a snake companion, and gun. along with the quarterly figure being Thunderpunch he-Man!

2012 the 30th Anniversary of MOTU has a new logo that will appear on a wide range of products from toys, to lunchboxes, to DVDs.

Mattel has scored the Filmation rights!

The Club Eternia Exclusive subscription figure for 2012 is Shadow Weaver! Fans went wild when this was officially announced.

The subscription map is of Preternia.

There will be return of Mini Comics! They will first be a 3 issue series that will be released with each quarterly variant MOTUC figure.They'll be published by Dark horse Comics with writing by Scott Neitlich and Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) with covers by Eric Powell (The Goon).

Create a character contest now through Dec. 31st (rules on Matty) -- winner will be announced at next year's SDCC!

The 30th Anniversary line will be 6 all new MOTU characters. One will be released every other month in 2012. 1 from 4H, 1 from Geoff Johns, 2 from Mattel, 1 from the contest winner, and The Fabulous Photog who is a throwback to the original 80s contest that never saw the light of day.

Draego-man is the new MOTUC character, fully designed by the 4 Horsemen.

This year's SDCC Mattypalooza Vote was for Granamir. the votre was rather he'd be colored red or green. What did we vote? Red. deal with it!

The event was capped off with a question and answer session with fans. 90% of the questions were asking if a character was scheduled to be made, with the answer being: could be. not unexpected there.

It was a packed panel, with Mattel's fans lining the walls with baited breath for the big reveals. Always a pleasure, Mattel.

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