SDCC: Mattel and WWE are Tag Team Champions!!

For the last few years, Mattel has had the exclusive license to produce action figures and other toys based on the larger than life Superstars of the WWE. During this time, Mattel has proven to have been a perfect choice as wave after wave of current wrestlers and beloved classic Superstars of old have been represented in well sculpted, accurately painted, and highly articulated detail. Today, at San Diego Comic Con 2011, Mattel is hosting an event to announce new WWE product and just happens to have a few special guests in tow.

Here are all the highlights from the panel:

-The room is crazy busy, and everyone is excited…making me nervous.

-Slide show presentation starts with WWE brand manager Enrique Rualcaba, showing basic figures including Survivor Series Legends that include Legends like The Rock in the basic line.

-The crowd applauded the sneak peek of the new Vickie Guerrero figure. It’s her first time in the line.

-the 2 packs are going to be deemed “Battle Packs” from now on and will come with accessories that fit the figures.

-New Elite figures Series 12 shown including: John Cena, Christian, Rey Mysterio, and Nexus C.M. Punk, among others. Figures feature the usual cloth clothing and character-related accessories.

- Elite Flashback Series: Papa Shango, and classic masked Kane.

-WWE Legends will be continued on Matty Collector’s website exclusively. November 2011 figure is Marty Jannetty from the Rockers and the January 2012 figure is Andre the Giant! He’s the biggest Legend figure to date.

-A surprise vote for the next 5 releases will be fan selected out of a total of 17 choices. The voting will be open on the Matty Collector website.

-Target champions 4 pack. 4 figures with 4 belts. Everybody is equal!

-TRU exclusive Elimination Chamber and mail away Vince McMahon figure. The figure of Vince is mail away, but you have to go to Toys “R” Us in order to find out how to get the owner of the WWE sent to your door.

-Sneak Peek of K-Mart exclusive line: Tribute to the Troops, with money being donated to various military veteran charities. The lineup includes John Cena, The Big show, Randy Orton, and Rey Mysterio.

-Defining Moments Series 5: John Cena with spinner belt..that really works.

-Bret Hart himself came out to tons of cheering and the pounding of his theme music. He talked about the latest Bret Hart figure to be released in the Defining Moments lineup.

-Toy designers came out to slight applause.

-Rey Mysterio was introduced with his theme music and made his rounds across the front of the crowd.

-Triple H was introduced next to booming applause and cheers. However, he didn’t spit any geysers of water into the crowd… probably for the best.

-The floor was opened up for fan questions, and people quickly made their way to the line.

-Question: One wrestler you’d like to have a match with?

Bret Hart: Mr. Perfect and his brother, Owen Hart.

Triple H: Shawn Michaels

Rey Mysterio: Psychosis and Eddie Guerrero

The fans all asked genuine questions and the WWE Superstars gave genuine answers. It was a great panel and everyone left excited about the upcoming WWE line. Mission accomplished, Mattel.

For all your WWE info at SDCC, be sure to check out Mattel’s booth #2945 where you can see new product, plus a life-size version of the Undertaker in action figure form!

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