Woodsy's World of Star Wars: Oh You Sexy Geek PANEL at SDCC 2011!!!

What a better way to start of my first day at San Diego Comic Con 2011 with a coffee in hand, and a panel full of HOT sexy geek women! Oh and did I happen to mention I ran into SETH GREEN in the elevator??? LOVE HIM.

The panel of hot GEEK women, and one late dude, came together to discuss whether fans can be sexy and geeky at the same time -- and if they should!

Check out this panel line up!!! It includes some of my all-time faves:

Moderated by Action flick chick Katrina Hill (ActionFlickChick.com)

Bonnie Burton (Grrl.com and Star Wars Craft Book)

Adrianne Curry (America's Next Top Model)

Clare Grant (Team Unicorn, "G33k & G4m3r Girls")

Kiala Kazebee (Nerdist.com)

Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Nerdy Bird - Jill Pantozzi ("Has Boobs, Reads Comics")

Jennifer K. Stuller (Ink-Stained AmazonsGeekGirlCon)

Chris Gore (G4)

Ok first off Adrianne rocked her hard body dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element, and Jill dressed up as a cyclone!! The audience was full of women in all shapes and sizes and even a fair amount of men!

Katrina started off with asking the question Do fake geeks exist? Bonnie Burton then asked the geek question to the audience, "How many people have bitten the head off a live chicken? Because that's how the word originated."

Then the topic switched to Cosplay. "Cosplay is a big part of geek culture," said Katrina. "If women dress up as sexy Slave Leias is that empowering, or is it just to be sexy?" The panel discussed how can women dress as characters when the creators dress them so scantily? Fully clothed can be empowering as well, they assured us as Clare Grant told the audience she was dressing up as one of the nightsisters from The Clone Wars fully clad head to toe in costume, "but still sexy!"

Bonnie dresses up randomly at her work Lucasfilm where she works as the Sr. Editor for starwars.com. She told the audience a story about how she tested out Jabba the Hutt costume. She went to the local Starbucks and got a free frappuccino and felt "very empowered." "You don't have to be scantily clad if you're a girl and you want to be your favorite costume, the whole point is that you're out there promoting you're favorite character whether it's Slave Leia or the Chrysler Building," Bonnie said as the crowd roared.

Adrianne piped in and added that "there should be a 10 and under Jawa rule for Cosplay." HILARIOUS!

Kaila was asked "What is sexy?" "We need to broaden the definition of sexy, Kaila said. "There are unrealistic expectations of what women need to look like to be sexy. We need to redefine that definition and then sexy won't be such a loaded term anymore."

She defined sexy as "funny" and likes a man with a little belly. HOW AWESOME.

Adrianne said "It's how you feel" and Bonnie added, "If you're comfortable in your own skin, that's what sexy. How you feel about yourself is what's projected. It's self-confidence, if you like who you are, it's going to come off really well."

Clare Grant said it's bad because females criticize other females. "We're a bunch of bitches" Adrianne added as the crowd laughed and clapped. Bonnie even wrote a book on that topic called Girls against girls...

Katrina asked the panel "What can everyone else do to change the media's view of sexy?" to which Adrianne quickly responded "Rock anything, out, stop beating ourselves up and have a good time!!" as the crowd cheered on.

"Nerd culture is viewed as male-dominated, what are your views on women using sexuality to get ahead?" Katrina asked.

Jill Pantozzi had some thoughts, "When I started writing my blog I named it something I thought that was funny. I did it for myself, and put myself out there, not just as a writer, but I'd take pictures a lot in costumes and everything else. I didn't necessarily think of myself as sexy but then I'd get comments like "Wow, you're so hot." It's kind of uncomfortable because it's not what I'm doing. I can present myself however I choose to present myself and if the people don't want to hire me then they don't have to hire me."

Bonnie then called out Seth Green in the audience and he talked about sexy geek women being more popular, how now the Kardashians are wearing Transformers t-shirts. "It's a different playing field, seeing people not as invested as we geeks are, but why exclude them? Why be so divisive? Instead of 'Hey we're all girls we like this stuff, let's band together.' Don't get mad and divisive when people actually start liking stuff you do." GREAT POINT SETH!!

After a Q+A session with the audience, Katrina thanked everyone for coming and said these parting words to us all, "Embrace your fellow geeks instead of judging them!"

This was a great panel, amazing women and so inspirational. I came away with a lot of takeaways, and know that I can feel sexy in whatever I wear whether it's my Slave Leia costume or Jabba the Hutt! What a way to start my day! Sadly though, I don't think Seth recognized me from the hotel elevator this am!!

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