Meet MTV Geek's Bloggers Covering San Diego Comic-Con 2011!

Lemonjuice McGee, Charles Webb, and Alex Zalben (photo by Mr. Gif)

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 is here -- and MTV Geek's intrepid band of bloggers are ready to provide you with the con coverage you crave, all show long! We asked our team what they were most looking forward to at SDCC this year...and if you happen to see them at the show, don't forget to say "hello!"

Lemonjuice McGee:

As you can guess, I’m incredibly hyped for all the toy announcements and sneak peeks. In that regard, no company caters to the media circus more than Mattel. This year’s Mattypalooza event is definitely the top of my list simply because DC Universe Classics is the one line that I collect faithfully. Also, with a special panel dedicated to the DC/Mattel partnership, I’m hoping to hear an announcement about figures based on the DC launch looks. Say what you will about Superman’s “armor”, but it’ll still make a cool figure and that’s what really counts. Right?

This will be my first time attending SDCC, so being “excited” is an understatement. Experiencing the massive amounts of everything that I enjoy may be too much. In fact, there’s a very real chance I’ll geek out on Eric Powell or Garth Ennis and will end up with a black eye and/or bruised ego. Only time and the ensuing hospital bills will tell…

Charles Webb:

On the publisher front, above all of the din and noise I'm always interested in what some of the smaller publishers like Oni and Top Shelf are up to. While I can't imagine there will be too many huge announcements, it's always great to see some of the creators they bring up on stage to talk about their work. In particular, keep an eye out for Greg Rucka if he's around, as he's always great to listen to up on stage. Oh, and the new Valiant Comics line is totally going to be there--so that's pretty great and weird at the same time. This isn't to put down the big two, especially DC, who really needs to have something interesting in store for the Con to give the big relaunch a bigger vote of confidence among fans who might still be on the fence about the still kind of baffling revamp to the line.

With all of the lamentations and wailing about how the big studios are pulling out of SDCC (doom! gloom!), I'm pretty stoked about the lineup of interesting projects making their debut at the Con. Films like Rise of the Apes, and the indie horror Chillerama are making their appearances at the show with some of the cast and creators in attendance. What I like about this setup is that it takes some of the mid-tier films--the ones that might not quite be on the mainstream radar, and gives them a little more press exposure without doing the full-court press where all of the convention area is plastered with advertising for movies everyone already knows about. At the top of the list is Ridley Scott's not quite prequel to Alien, Prometheus. I'm also not ashamed to admit to nerding out about the premiere of the 3D Tekken movie whose trailer bowed a couple of weeks back (history will show that I'm stupid for the weird, nonsensical mythology from the franchise).

Alex Zalben:

One thing I think I'm most excited about with this year's Comic-Con? With the movie studios scaling back their presence, there's much more of a focus on TV, and even - shocker! Comics! DC's panels are going to be packed with curious and angry fans, of course - I'd imagine the "New 52" panels each day will be 50% news, and 50% defensive answers to aggressive questions. Either way, I won't want to miss those. And Marvel has some huge announcements, as usual, they always save something interesting for CCI. Can't wait to find out what it is.

Beyond that, though, it looks like this is another year where the "indies" will shine. Locke & Key is taking over the Con with screening, sure, but IDW is nailing it. I'm definitely seeking out the key temp tattoos, and Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez should be all over the place. Archaia has owned the past few Cons they've attended, and with multiple panels, they're one to watch. Also, going super indie? Tr!ckster, the anti-Con across the street, which should present a welcome respite from the bombast of the Con floor.

Laurel Woods, "Woodsy's World of Star Wars"

Well, this is my first San Diego Comic Con so I’m a newbie and so ashamed of myself since I am from SoCal.I can’t wait to connect with the geek community and meet new friends, it’s such a great place to totally geek out on all things Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, my new gadgets, etc.

I can’t wait to interview both The Clone Wars crew and the Mythbusters crew, that should be loads of fun! Oh and the incredible Bonnie Burton!!! I’m also looking forward to hanging out with fellow geek girls like Amy Ratcliffe, Bonnie Burton and Shana O’Neil.

And I’m truly hoping I don’t have a run in with Carrie Fisher, you know what I’m talking about girlfriend!

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