SDCC 2011: Tim Seeley On Taking Over 'Witchblade' and The 'Hack/Slash/Hatchet' Crossover

Following the recent announcement at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 that Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley would be taking over Witchblade with issue 151, we thought it was about time that we checked in with the man behind the woman who kills slashers. Besides following Ron Marz on a lengthy, six-year run on the flagship Top Cow title, Seeley is also dropping Hack/Slash lead Cassandra Hack into a crossover with venerable swamp-based film slasher Victor Crowley from writer-director Adam Green's Hatchet series of films in Hack/Slash Annual #3.

We spoke with Seeley by e-mail recently about what's next for Cassie, the casting of a new voice actress for the HALO-8 motion comic, and his big plans for Sara over in Witchblade.

.MTV Geek: What drew you to Victor Crowley as the slasher for the annual?

Tim Seeley: Hatchet came out at the exact time I was complaining about the lack of original American horror films. As a gut who spends A lot of time researching horror movies, believe me when I say the world needed Hatchet. So, from the moment I saw the movie, I was looking for a way to have Cas and Vlad meet Victor.

Geek: What was [Hatchet writer-director] Adam Green's involvement with the project?

TS: Adam and I hashed out the basic plot over beers a little bar in Studio City. Benito Cereno is writing the script, adding his own brand of madness, but Adam and his producing partner Cory Neal are overseeing it to ensure it maintains its Hatchet-iness.

Geek: Are you checking out his new flick Chillerama at the Con?

TS: Absolutely! I've been telling Adam for a year now much I hate him for coming up the "Diary if Anne Frankenstein" before me.

Geek: Speaking of movies, tell us why Brea Grant works as Cassie for the big-screen Hack/Slash?

TS: Well, I think there may be some confusion over this particular announcement. HALO 8, who is doing a motion comic style feature length film announced Brea Grant as the voice of Cassie. But this isn't Relativity/Rogue's live-action Hack/Slash film. I don't believe there's an announcement on that front, as it appears they're still not moving much.

Geek: Are there any other big-name slashers you'd love to get in the book?

TS: I'm always open to ideas. As long as we're doing one of my faves with HATCHET, I guess I can dream that maybe someday we'll get Leslie Vernon from Behind the Mask [Ed. Note: You should see this slasher mockumentary yesterday].

Geek: Could you tease a favorite moment from the annual?

TS: Well, I have a few, most of which involve Benito's exceptionally creative death-scenes.

Geek: Now, looking at Witchblade: could you tell us a little about your big pitch for the character?

TS: The big picture idea is to focus on what works best with the series: crime drama meets supernatural with the occasional sexy outfit which gets shredded. But, specifically, I'm steering us towards a dark fantasy/crime noir mash-up with lots of new baddies and supporting characters.

Geek: What was your experience with the book before jumping into the writing chores?

TS: I read the series in the 90s, like everyone else, and came back for Ron's run. Oh, and I own all the female action figures from the original line.

Geek: Why do you think the series has stuck around for as long as it has?

TS: I think, in a lot of ways, Witchblade was a precursor to novels like Anita Blake, and all the other female-lead urban fantasy stuff which has become so popular. It also helps, that at its core, Witchblade is such a adaptable idea, and it can translate easily from comic book to TV shoe to anime.

Geek: The Top Cow line is very interconnected with its plots and mythology. How has that affected your writing of Witchblade?

TS: Well, after reading Artifacts, and seeing how expertly Ron connected everything, I decided I could never do that kind of story that well. So, my plan is to pull Sara away from the larger scheme for just a bit, and put her in a new setting, with new elements. But, it'll still have a very distinct tie to the TCU.

Geek: Any surprises or treats in store that you'd like to tease out for the fans?

TS: Well, we're going to be introducing a sort of evil(er) version of the Witchblade which I've been referring to in the script as "The Fleshblade."

Geek: What else do you have coming up next?

TS: Occultist miniseries at Dark Horse, three Masters of the Universe mini comics that come with the toys, a super cool new/old series with Image, and more Hack/Slash. Gonna be a busy damn fall!

Witchblade #151 will be available in October.

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