Scott Pilgrim's Bryan Lee O'Malley Goes Back for 'Seconds' in 2013

Since the conclusion of his best-selling SCOTT PILGRIM series, fans of writer/artist Bryan Lee O’Malley have been wondering one thing: “why is he so mean to me on Twitter?” But the second biggest question that has wracked fans brains is, “What’s next?”

Sensing that the comic book buying public would probably not stop asking that any time soon – particularly because I remember asking O’Malley this same question probably about five years ago, before SCOTT PILGRIM was close to finished, and he was sick of it then – there’s finally news on that front. In 2013, Villard – Random House’s graphic novel imprint – will publish his next graphic novel, titled SECONDS.

…And that’s pretty much all we know. O’Malley tweeted (somewhat less meanly) a picture back in June that stated outline #4 of SECONDS was done in May-June 2011. But other than that, virtually no info is available. We can hazard a guess, though, so here goes:

- It’s not a sequel to SCOTT PILGRIM.

You’d think that wouldn’t be important to state, but it actually is: SCOTT PILGRIM is done, over, the book literally closed on the property, despite fans pestering O’Malley to know, “What happens after Ramona and Scott go through that door?” Which is kind of the point of the ending, you guys, but I won’t dwell on this too much.

O’Malley has written one other graphic novel prior to the six volume SCOTT PILGRIM series, LOST AT SEA in 2003, as well as various short stories and pieces. The SCOTT PILGRIM books, meanwhile, ran from 2004-2010, so this will mark O’Malley’s first non-Pilgrim work in a decade.

More news on this as it develops, of course.

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