Review: SDCC Exclusive Diamond Select Toys Alice Minimate

Remember the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland? The one where she throws down on a steampunk-ish death train and helps the Walrus devour singing oysters during a live theater performance? No? well, then you obviously haven’t played Alice: Return to Madness, the video game sequel to American McGee’s original Alice game. In honor of the games release, and Diamond Select Toys’ acquiring of the license for toys, statues, and collectibles, they’re releasing an San Diego Comic Con exclusive! Today we’re taking an advanced look at Diamond Select Toys’ SDCC-Exclusive Alice Minimate!

Alice comes packaged all alone. However, after checking out the other residents of her Wonderland, she’s probably thankful for that. She uses the same block design as all other Minimates, but through the addition of her dress and finely sculpted hair she manages to stand out from the rest. Her articulation includes a ball-joint neck, ball-joint shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, ball-joint hips, hinged knees and swivel ankles. She can also be ripped asunder at these points and combined with other Minimates to create your own monstrosity!

The paintwork is really where the Alice Minimate gets her character. Of course, this is the case with most Minimates. Her face is tampographed cleanly and is recognizable as Alice thanks to the addition of her dress details. Her apron is painted on and is splattered with a nice, fresh bloodstain just like it should be! Although you can’t see it from the photos, the deco on her legs matches her striped stockings and strap-covered boots. All if the paint used is the appropriate shade of drab and matches the feel of the game.

This Alice Minimate is a cool SDCC exclusive that both gamers and toy lovers can appreciate. Plus, it never hurts to have a hallucination-prone psychotic around just in case. You can pick Alice up, along with tons of other awesome toy exclusives at the Diamond Select Toys Booth #2607 and tell ‘em MTV Geek sent ya. You won’t receive a discount or anything, but it’ll totally boost our street cred.

Stay tuned to MTV Geek all this week for coverage of Diamond Select Toys and SDCC!

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