Race Cars And Airplanes Inspired This Steampunk Motorcycle!

The racing cars and airplanes of the 1920s are some the coolest looking vehicles ever and it would seem Russian designer Mikhail Smolyanov feels the same way. One of his latest creations, this steampunk motorcycle, draws much of it’s inspiration from those retro speed machines.

Dubbed the ARX-4 Steampunk, this awesome looking steampunk bike would use a V8 to get moving and an axle to take power to the rear wheel rather than the chains and belts we see on most current motorcycles.

The bike looks great and I love the unconventional systems used in its creation. You can see the steering system is quite different than what you’d see on a modern motorcycle and the overall shape is just kind of weird -- but very cool.

This bike isn’t the only thing Smolyanov has created. He’s designed a number of different motorcycles and trikes, and even dreamt up a pretty wild steampunk car. You can see more of his work here.

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