'The Smurfs' Comics Go Digital With A Dedicated App!

The Smurfs animated series spurred Smurf-mania, tossing the lovable blue characters on everything from bed sheets to breakfast cereals, but the cartoon isn’t where they got their start. The Smurfs were in fact comic book characters long before they hit the small screen in 1981. Now Papercutz and comiXology are teaming up to remind us of their roots.

In celebration of the upcoming feature film (hitting theaters July 29th) the original Smurfs comics will be available through a dedicated comiXology app for iOS, available today. At launch the app will contain seven volumes of Smurftastic adventures -- over 450 pages!

“I grew up with these comics, they truly are classics. It’s a shame that these books, which have been in print forever everywhere else on Earth, have been out-of-print for so long in America, which is why we decided to publish them in print and digitally,” says Terry Nantier, Papercutz’s Publisher.

“Not many people realize that the Smurfs originally appeared in comics before they were adapted to animation,” continued Mr. Nantier. “Which is why we partnered with comiXology to bring the Smurfs original graphic novel adventures to our fan base in digital form with its own iOS app.”

“The Smurfs are such an iconic brand that Papercutz has done a great job revitalizing and this app is a testament to that,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “Having been out of print for so long, this app will ensure that anyone who wants to enjoy Smurf comics will be able to at their convenience.”

Each Smurfs volume will be available in full-color for about 4 bucks and, as always, any comic purchased through the app will sync with your account so it can be viewed on Android, iOS and PC. Check out the full list of available Smurfs comics below then head over to iTunes and download the app!

- The Smurfs Vol. 1: The Purple Smurf

- The Smurfs Vol. 2: The Magic Flute

- The Smurfs Vol. 3: The Smurf King

- The Smurfs Vol. 4: Smurfette

- The Smurfs Vol. 5: The Smurfs and the Egg

- The Smurfs Vol. 6: The Smurfs and the Howlibird

- The Smurfs Vol. 7: The Astro Smurf

- The Smurfs: The Smurfnapper #1

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