Superman and Lois: The Break Up?

J. Lo and Marc Anthony move over -- there's a new celebrity break-up dominating the headlines! TMZ reported today that DC Comics plans to go in a bold new direction with Superman this September -- and there might not be room in it for his longtime relationship with Lois Lane!

Whether you're a hardcore comic fan or are most familiar with the characters through their various TV and movie incarnations, you probably associate Lois and Clark Kent as one of those "meant to be" couples, along the same vein as Barbie and Ken. But according to the TMZ article, Lois will have a new boyfriend, presumably leaving Superman free to play the field with the superheroine or ordinary female of his choice. Which may be why the Man of Steel will also be sporting a brand new sexy rugged "jeans" look this Fall:

How will devoted Superman fans deal with these new developments in the life of their favorite superhero? Will Lois and Clark ever get back together? Will it all just be one long imaginary story -- or only too real?

Find out in September!

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