Want to Win a Replica Sword of Omens from 'ThunderCats?'

Not included: Snarf, sweet spotlight, or ability to defeat Mumm-Ra.

Still, you might get a free sword!

To promote the new show (and draw in sword enthusiasts), Warner Brothers is asking ThunderCats fans to swing by their booth at SDCC next week (#4545) to find out how to win this sweet piece of swag. WB is being cagey about the details of the contest ("Trial of Strength!"), so you'll just have to head over to find out what they have planned. They'll also be giving out free foam replicas of the Sword of Omens on Friday and Sunday.

The replica, based on original designs from the new series' artists at WB Animation, has been "Handcrafted by the artisan Dragon of Renegade Effects Group, this replica Sword of Omens is forged of aircraft aluminum (1/3 of what steel weighs – but just as tough!) and features a hand-carved eyepiece and ThunderCats logo." Dragon of Renegade is a weapons and armor effects house responsible for props for movies like Hellboy, The Last Samurai, and Spider-Man 2.

Here's a video of the making of the replica blade.

ThunderCats makes its one hour debut on Cartoon Network July 29th at 8:00 PM ET.

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