The World's Only Turbine-Powered Batmobile!

We’ve seen over-the-top Batman fans make their dream of driving the Batmobile a reality, but none of them ever had one powered by a turbine. Sure, there may have been something on the back of their ride that looked like a turbine, but we all know a pretty standard engine was under the hood.

That’s all changed thanks to Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing. He built a replica of the Batmobile we saw Michael Keaton driving around in, but he made one small modification. Rather than throwing a Corvette engine in there he strapped a turbine in this sucker -- and it sounds f***in’ mean.

The Putsch Racing Batmobile has a power-to-weight ratio similar to that of a Dodge Viper (no thanks to the jet fuel), it's street legal and just so happens to have an iPad mounted in the dash. If you want to hear this bad boy hum check out the video below.

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