SDCC 2011: Exclusive Gear Worth Waiting In Line For

We all know San Diego Comic-Con 2011 is going to be littered with exclusive toys and comic books, but there's going to be a lot of other exclusives too. Android plush toys, awesome t-shirts and super cool keychains are just a few examples. There is just so much stuff for all of us to get our hands on we thought it would be a good idea to put together a little highlight reel of sorts.

In the list below you'll find some of the coolest exclusive gear that will be floating around the San Diego Convention Center come July 20th. Each entry has the booth number listed next to it so you know exactly where to go when the doors open. Some of this stuff is REALLY limited so you'll need to act quick and this list should help you do it. Happy geeking everyone!

Supernatural “Road Trip to San Diego” T-Shirt (CineQuest booth #5036)

CineQuest's annual tribute to the "Supernatural" TV series is white and features the "Metallicar" -- a 1967 Chevy Impala SS -- Sam and Dean's very own road trip machine. The shirts will cost $25 each and they're only making 250 of them. If you're a fan of Supernatural make sure you grab one!

Mez-Itz Wonder Woman Keychain (Mezco booth #3445)

Mez-Itz has a ton of exclusive toys heading to SDCC 2011, but that's not all they've got. This limited edition Wonder Woman keychain would look good hangin from any nerd's car keys and it only costs 7 bucks! No word on how many they'll be dolling out so make sure you grab one before they're gone!

Godzilla and "Greetings from San Diego" T-Shirts (Diamond booth #2401)

After the positive response IDW's Godzilla Destroying San Diego cover got they decided a t-shirt with the same image would be a good idea. There will also be a "Greetings from San Diego" Minimates t-shirt inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s "Greetings from Asbury Park" album cover. Both of these awesome tees start at $20.

Cliff Chiang & Walter Simonson Signature T-Shirts (Epic Proportions booth #1221)

Cliff Chiang and Walter Simonson both have SDCC-exclusive t-shirts available at the con. Both shirts feature creator owned art and the artist’s signature printed on the left sleeve so you know they’re legit. Each shirt will be limited to 2 per customer.

Warner Bros. SDCC 2011 Tote Bags

Once again Warner Bros. is stepping up to deliver the official SDCC 2011 tote bag and this year it can also be worn as a backpack. Designs include The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, The Looney Tunes Show, Batman: Arkham City, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5–7, the Justice League and of course the ThunderCats bag we showed you earlier. As always, every attendee will be given a bag and each will come equipped with the ever important poster tube.

Mimobots (Mimoco booth #2913-M)

We absolutely love Mimoco's Mimobot Flash Drives and this year they have three SDCC-exclusives that have us all sorts of excited. First up is the Harley Quinn based off her rendition in the upcoming Batman: Arkham City video game. Second is a super cool Emily the Strange flash drive done up in red rather her signature black. Finally, bounty hunter Bossk comes to life as part of Mimoco's popular Star Wars line-up. Each drive is limited to 500 pieces and just like other Mimobots, they come packed with loads of digital extras.

Justice League 'Toon Tumbler (PopFun Merchandising booth #3749)

These limited edition tumblers feature art by Jim Lee showcasing DC's relaunched Justice League and I have to say the team is looking pretty damn good. On the opposite side you'll find DC and San Diego Comic Con logos so everyone knows where these bad boys came from.

"Locke & Key" Collectible Keys (IDW booth #2643)

IDW has a bunch of Locke & Key stuff going on this year and these collectible keys are just one little part of it. Different collectible keys will be available on different days and there are also some temporary key tattoos they'll be giving out for free. Legacy Edition Ghost and Shadow keys will cost $20 while the Legacy Edition Hercules, Head and Comic-Con keys cost $25.

"Imscared" T-Shirt and Monochrome Plush (Color Ink Book booth #5569)

The Brothers Washburn and their Color Ink Book art periodical are bringing some pretty cool exclusives to Comic-Con this year. First up is this awesome “Imscared” t-shirt by Greg ’Craola’ Simkins limited to 150 pieces. Second is a Monochrome Travis Lampe Rayola plush limited to 80 pieces.

“Windows are for Suckers” Android Plush (Fugitive Toys booth #601)

In collaboration with Gann Memorials Custom Plush Toys, Fugitive Toys will be selling 100 of these “Windows Are For Suckers” Androids. As you can see the arms and legs have suction cups on them so you can stick it to a window just like your mom did with her old Garfield window plush. Each one will cost $25 and I guarantee they won’t last long.

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