Unboxing: Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set

Back in 2008, RPG designer Luke Crane and comic creator David Peterson combined their successful properties, the Burning Wheel RPG and Mouse Guard comic series, to create an official Mouse Guard RPG. Critical reception was strong, as the game used a pared-down version of the Burning Wheel system while still retaining its strengths. In the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game, players are pushed to engage in actual roleplaying by creating well-developed characters with a system of beliefs, goals, and instincts. This has been frequently been pointed to as one of the best systems to introduce new players, particularly young ones, to the RPG hobby.

Earlier this week, we got our hands on the new deluxe box set of this game which is not expected to hit store shelves until late August. Its an impressive set, and what follows is our first look at the finished components. Expect for a full review here on MTV Geek later this summer, but for now enjoy this sneak peek:

5 Character tokens:

9 Custom six-sided dice

Mouse Guard core rulebook with new 32-page supplement:

Fold-out map of the Mouse Territories:

Pads of GM sheets and character sheets:

Double-sided GM screen:

GM's conditions deck:

Players' action deck:

Players' weapons deck:

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