The Comedy of Stoopid Monkey is Coming to YouTube July 15th

Stoopid Monkey isn't just for Robot Chicken anymore.

As they teased in our recent interview, Seth Green and Matt Senreich's production company, Stoopid Monkey is branching out beyond producing episodes of their Adult Swim show, Robot Chicken. The duo are opening up shop with a YouTube channel for their new web series simply called Stoopid Monkey.

According to this post from Variety, the series will be a collection of animated and live action comedy shorts with Green providing voices along with his current work on Robot Chicken and Family Guy. What's interesting to me about this is the live-action component, which seems to speak to a desire on Matt and Seth's part to create their own Funny or Die-type thing, which if you think about it, matches the sensibilities of their rapid-fire humor.

Here's the relevant text from the interview:

Geek: And Matt, what are you up to right now?

MS: Uh, right now? Gosh, I don’t know how much I can actually say.

SG: What can we actually talk about?

MS: Yeah. We’re doing a bunch of Stoopid Monkey (the production company behind Robot Chicken) animated shorts. Am I allowed to say that?

SG: That would be as much as you could say, yeah. We’re expanding our Stoopid Monkey brand into actual content this year. Very very soon you guys will get to see it. We’re excited to tell you more about it, but we kind of can’t right now.

MS: Yeah, and I’m writing stuff that I can’t talk about yet.

You can check out Stoopid Monkey on its YouTube channel.

[Via Variety]

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