Ugly Americans 2.02 Recap: 'Callie and Her Sister'

I just got the extra Mia Farrow joke in the title.

What's it about?

Mark and Callie learn a little about cohabitation and child rearing as Callie's (literal) demon spawn little sister comes to live with them.

How was it?

If it doesn't exist yet, I believe this will be the episode to really push Ugly Americans into Rule 34 territory.

I wasn't bowled over by the season premiere, which felt like a series of visual jokes strung together by the loosest of stories. This week's episode was, by contrast, more character-focused and it leads to a marked improvement in the humor, which simply flows from scene to scene. Callie (Natasha Legero), the Mark's half-demon sort-of girlfriend gets a lot of the spotlight here as she tries to wriggle out of her arranged marriage with the terminally spineless Twayne, after her father's one night stand leads to a little demon spawn sister whose rapid aging should make ready to marry in two weeks or so.

The bulk of the episode is an extended Omen riff (with a little bit of Rosemary's Baby thrown in) as Mark and Callie (mostly Mark) take care of the quick-grow tyke, Lilith, who matures into an evil(er) version of Callie. This setup provides some of the best moments, from the education and birthday montage, to Lilith's date with Randall (Mark's depraved zombie slacker roommate). The real heart of the story is about Callie and her relationship to her father, and how she spends so much of hr time trying to avoid letting him run her life. And while we don't exactly get any great new insights about the character (some of this was covered last season) it's still cool that the writers are allowing her to develop a little given their non-continuity driven focus.

Best bits?

  • Randall's "spare"
  • The growing up montage
  • The animation continues to be top-notch, with all sorts of terrific background details and jokes added

Worst bits?

  • This was a really solid episode--I have no complaints.

Ugly Americans airs at 10:30 EST on Comedy Central.

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