Creator's Commentary: Eric Powell on 'The Goon' #34

The Goon's back and he ain't puttin' up with no sparkly vampires.

Writer-artist Eric Powell’s The Goon returned to shelves this week with issue number 34. After a little bit of a hiatus for the book (dude explained to us a couple of months back that he’s been busy), so with its return, we thought we'd invite him along for an installment of Creator's Commentary. In his cantankerous interview, Powell talks about vampire baseball, the terror of tween girls, his Hannah Montana game, and we even get around to talking about what's next for the book.

****Spoilers after the break.****

Pages 2-4

MTV Geek: So what’s your beef with a couple of sparkly, well-coiffed, baseball-playing vampires?

Eric Powell: I think you answered your own question. Did you know they actually have a vampire baseball game in that frickin’ Twilight movie?! I saw it on the cable! Vampires playing baseball! Vampires don’t play baseball! (In screechy Tom Hanks voice) There’s no vampires in baseball! There’s no vampires in baseball!!

I thought Anne Rice vampires where bad until I saw the cast of a Nickelodeon TV show in pale makeup playing catch.

Page 6

Geek: How hard was it to resist the urge to just spend 20-odd pages ragging on sparkly vampires?

EP: Kinda hard. But I realized the book was going to get boring real fast if I did that. Remember that movie making fun of vampires—that I and everyone else didn’t ses—can’t remember the title [Ed.’s Note: Vampires Suck]. Think it had that Asian guy with the little wiener from the Hangover in it.

Geek: It seems like this issue was kind of a release valve after how grim and dramatic the last arc got. How much of that was for you and how much of that was for the readers?

EP: Not that I don’t love my readers, but most of what I do in The Goon is for me. I want to tell whatever kind of story comes in my head. If I’m keeping myself interested in making the book, hopefully I’m keeping the readers interested as well.

Page 8

Geek: Tween girls aren’t all that bad. What’s the worst thing they’re responsible for?

EP: Are you kidding?! What media hasn’t been defiled in an attempt to market to pre-teen girls?! Boy bands aren’t enough?! And now we have Lady Gaga! Although, I don’t blame them entirely for her. I’m looking at you gays. I will staunchly defend your right to marry, however, I do not give you the right to assault me with music from this pretentious meat Muppet! I thought gay people were supposed to have taste? That’s what all the home decorating shows told me anyway.

The only media that hasn’t been defiled is comics, and I’d gladly have my industry defiled if it meant we could tap into that revenue stream these kids are willing to pour into utter crap.

Pages 9-10

Geek: I love the design of the monster here. Who are creature designers in comics or film that you’re really into and who inform your work?

EP: Rob Bottin’s work on The Thing really messed me up when I was a kid. And I’ve always been a fan of Bernie Wrightson’s monsters. There’s really a lot of Wrightson and Bottin in that monster design.

Page 14

Geek: Hey wait, who’s paying for all Goon’s drinks?

EP: Desperate frat boys?

Geek: Have you ever thought about giving the orphans their own arc?

EP: Yes. Maybe I will when the time is right.

Page 18

Geek: Let’s be clear: you’re saying that the solution to the media saturation targeting the likes of tween girls is best resolved by a couple of rounds with the Goon?

EP: The Goon is about living vicariously through uninhibited street thugs. It’s just for fun. Not meant to be taken very seriously. I’m not saying slugging a pre-teen girl in the mouth because our senses are constantly being assaulted by their horrible, horrible lack of taste is a good thing to do… I’m just saying we all want to. (Says the guy who bought his niece a Hannah Montana video game. Part of being a good uncle is about demeaning yourself.)

Page 23

Geek: When do you plan on jumping into the next story arc? Or is the plan done-in-ones for a bit?

EP: Other than the year long monthly run we did with the “Return of Labrazio” story, The Goon has always been self-contained issues. I plan on continuing that. If you’re picking up a copy of The Goon, you get a whole story.

Geek: How far out have you got the course of the book charted?

EP: About the next couple of years. We’re bimonthly so that’s only six issues a year. Most of the new issues will be about sausages.

The Goon #34 is on shelves now.

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