Playmates Toys Brings Family Guy to the Toy Aisle!


That one word instantly brings to mind the animated series full of constant cutaways, creepy old men, homicidal toddlers, and greased up deaf guys: Family Guy. Playmates have recently announced their plans to produce an entire line of figures and playsets based on the Griffin family and their unsettling cohorts much in the same fashion as their previous (and incredibly successful) Simpsons line. The figures will interact with the playset and speak phrases from the show. Although, if Peter starts singing “Shipoopi” then we’re gonna toss that thing right out the window! Besides that peeve, we’re a-okay with the toyline.


CRAZY INTERACTIVE WORLD Playset And Figures Use Real Character Voices And Hilarious Phrases From The Series To Give Fans the Ultimate Quahog Experience

Playmates Toys and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products are teaming up once again, this time to launch a fresh new toy line for one of the world’s most popular and talked about television shows -- FAMILY GUY. The fun starts this fall with the release of the FAMILY GUY CRAZY INTERACTIVE WORLD playset and figures, which uses real character voices and phrases from the series to give collectors and fans (age 13+) a completely unique new way to live out the adventures of lovable oaf PETER GRIFFIN and his hilariously odd family of middle-class New Englanders.

Each figure in the FAMILY GUY CRAZY INTERACTIVE WORLD features a resistor that, when placed on the compatible playset, unlocks the real character voices and more than 40 laugh-out-loud phrases from the show. When the line hits retail this fall it will include some of the show’s most popular characters – Stewie, Peter, Brian, Cleveland, Quagmire and Lois – with additional characters and environments coming in Spring 2012. Also available from Playmates Toys in the fall will be a 7-inch soft foam Stewie ‘head shaped’ Football.

The release of the Playmates FAMILY GUY toy line joins Fox’s yearlong “Something, Something, Something Anniversary” celebration for the series.

Crazy Interactive World Figure:

Snap Figure into playset to hear Real TV Character Voices!

Works with Crazy Interactive World Griffin Living Room playset and more playsets coming soon!

Series 1 Interactive Figures include: * Stewie * Peter * Brian * Cleveland * Quagmire * Halloween Stewie * Lois (comes exclusively with Crazy Interactive World Griffin Living Room playset) and More

Series Coming Soon!

Crazy Interactive World Griffin Living Room playset:

Snap Figure into playset to hear Real TV Character Voices!

Includes over 40 phrases!

Includes exclusive Lois figure, available nowhere else!

Works with these Interactive Figures: * Stewie * Peter * Brian * Cleveland * Quagmire * Halloween Stewie * Lois and many more coming soon!

These toys are slated to begin hitting store shelves around August, so keep your eyes peeled, or order a set from your favorite online retailer. *cough*Entertainment Earth*cough*Big Bad Toystore*cough*

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