Alex Ross and Mike S. Miller are Your New 'Game of Thrones' Cover Artists

The illustrated land of Westeros gets covered very nicely.

This September, Dynamite will begin publishing a comic adaptation of Game of Thrones, and they've tapped Mike S. Miller (The Imaginaries, Martin's The Hedge Knight series) and Alex Ross (if you've glanced at comics in the last 15 years, statistically, you would have to have seen one of his covers) to provide covers. Interiors will be provided by Tommy Patterson from a script by fantasy novelist Daniel Abraham (The Long Price of Quiet).

Interestingly, the floppies will be published by Dynamite, while the the trades will be released by the original novels' publisher, Bantam, which seems like maybe not the best deal for Dynamite (since I imagine the real sales will come from the collections).

Anyway, the release of a comic based on the novels will probably be a welcome respite from the drought of GoT content as fans await the next season to premiere on HBO (next Spring, if I recall), and presumably a healthy wait before Martin pens another novel.

The Game of Thrones comic will hit shelves starting in September.

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