Hub TV is Rolling Out a 4th of July 'Transformers' Marathon!

You might have heard of a little indie film by the same name? Well, the TV show is getting a marathon!

With the impending spectacle of Michael Bay's big-budget 3D incarnation of the Transformers hitting theaters this weekend, Hub TV will be running a marathon in honor of the the crazy-beloved series. On July 4th, the network will be running a 7-hour marathon--from 1 P.M. to 8 P.M.--of alternating episodes of the series that started it all, Transformers Generation 1, and the CGI, award-winning Transformers: Prime. As a treat, the network will be running pop-up trivia segments in-episode, with Autobots appearing on-screen to quiz viewers about the series.

Here's the skinny on the two shows for those of you not in the know:

“Transformers Prime”

Nominated for six Daytime Emmy ® Awards (including two Daytime Emmy® Award wins), the Hub Original Series continues the legendary battle between archrivals Optimus Prime and Megatron who once again face-off in their epic rivalry for control of the Earth. The new, half-hour animated series produced by Hasbro Studios features iconic characters of the franchise as well as introduces new human characters to the action series.

“Transformers Generation 1”

The iconic ‘80s animated television series launched the global Transformers entertainment franchise introducing audiences to Transformers, sentient robotic beings from Cybertron who crash land on Earth and are divided into two opposing factions, the Autobots and Decepticons.

The Transformers marathon will run on July 4th, from 1 P.M. EST to 8 P.M. EST on Hub TV.

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