Oni Press Review: The Sixth Gun #12

There’s only one thought that ran through my head as a perused a preview copy of Oni’s horror western The Sixth Gun #12: why haven’t I been reading this the past twelve months?

Okay, so actually, there were a couple of thoughts, but they all boil down to the fact that The Sixth Gun is an eminently enjoyable, rollicking ride their the Old West that will work for fans of comics like High Moon and Jonah Hex – and fans of the CW’s Supernatural should be picking this up in droves. And in case it isn’t clear, despite not having read the previous eleven issues (which I’ll definitely be going back and doing right after this review is done), its incredibly easy to jump right in and enjoy this issue – mostly due to Cullen Bunn’s inviting structure and dialogue, as well as Brian Hurtt and Bill Crabtree’s cinematic pacing.

In this issue – and I hesitate to spoil anything really, as each page is an absolute joy to turn to, finding more magic, violence, and monsters at every turn – Drake Sinclair, a gentleman cowboy, is on a train rocketing across the desert with his companion Becky Montclair, and a warrior monk who looks like Sean Connery, called Brother Roberto. They currently posses five of the Six Guns, mystic artifacts that – if one possesses them all – allow the bearer to rewrite reality. But don’t worry, each gun also has a cool ability on its own, from breathing fire, to creating massive explosions, and more.

Meanwhile, forces ranging from a vampiric crone, to a gang of super-fast undead zombies are all coalescing on our heroes’ location in order to take the guns, and the corpse of an immortal, insane general they have locked up in the back of the train.

What about that description DOESN’T make The Sixth Gun sound awesome to read?

Beyond, “Hey kids! Comics can be fun!” what makes The Sixth Gun work so well is that it has, by far, the best use of panel structure I’ve seen since IDW’s Locke & Key. There, artist Gabriel Rodriguez and writer Joe Hill work together to create one of the only truly horrific comics I’ve ever read, infusing each page with a new way of telling comic book stories. While The Sixth Gun may not reach those lofty heights, the team totally understands how to use panels, and page turns, to create great reveals; from the first use of one of the Six Guns in the book, to a last page that will leave any comic book fan begging for the next issue.

If you’re looking for a new book to pick up that contains excitement, creativity, and a whip-smart team of creators working at the top of your game, then The Sixth Gun is your man. Well, comic. Regardless, be ready to jump right in with issue twelve, and never look back.

The Sixth Gun #12 is on stands now!

The Sixth Gun #12 Preview

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