Fan Used 50,000 LEGO Bricks To Build Sauron's Dark Tower From 'Lord of the Rings'

Remember the massive Dark Tower in Lord of the Rings where the Eye of Sauron floated around scanning all of Middle Earth for that precious One Ring? Well, some guy made that thing out of LEGOs and he only had to use an estimated 50,000 bricks!

Kevin Walter is the LEGO madman behind this terrifying creation. It was recently on display at Brickworld 2011 and it stands 5-feet, 9-inches tall! I can’t imagine how long it took him to build this monster, but there’s no doubt Kevin put a lot of time into it. Head past the break to see just how big this thing really is.

If you want to see all the photos of Kevin’s Barad-dûr head over to his Flickr page. Be sure to drop a line and let him know just how awesome he is.

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